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Network Support

Project Management

The purchase and deployment of new computer assets is often associated with larger projects, leaving little time for organizing or managing the logistics of computer deployment. Penn Data Networks can provide experienced project management to assist you in planning and implementation of computer deployment. A Penn Data Networks project manager will ensure that shipping and delivery schedules are followed, coordinate the arrival of on-site installation personnel, and supervise the numerous details surrounding the computer deployment project


Managed Logistics

Managed Logistics is many times helpful with larger or geographically widespread deployments, especially when your locations do not have loading facilities or excess storage space. Penn Data Networks utilizes our secure warehousing to optimize delivery of new computer equipment to your location(s) based on the number of systems to be installed, available storage space, and other logistical considerations.

Staged Delivery

Penn Data Networks can help manage your specific delivery schedule to make deployment of your new computers seamless. In conjunction with our managed Logistics services, deliveries can be staged to address the specific circumstances of any particular location(s).



De-installation and Installation

Penn Data Networks performs de-installation and an installation activity from the simple to the complex, replacing old equipment with new. Penn Data Networks will de-install the legacy computers and neatly stack in a central location for further disposition. Penn Data Networks will then install the new computers, connect the monitors and peripheral devices, power up the systems, ensure network connectivity, and install local or network printers.

Software Installation/Configuration

Penn Data Networks can install or configure customer-owned software programs on new computers following hardware setup. Customers are required to provide original media and proof of license authority.

Data Migration

User data is one of the most important considerations of any new computer deployment. Penn Data Networks can assist you with this process in order to reduce downtime and protect against data loss.

Asset Tagging and Documentation

One significant administrative function of new computer deployment is keeping an accurate count of systems being de-installed and installed. Asset Tagging and documentation are important management activities Penn Data Networks can perform while de-installing and installing new systems.

Hard Drive Disk Wipe

Many customers are concerned about data remaining on hard drives of the de-installed systems. Penn Data Networks can remove sensitive data from your de-installed hard drives utilizing Department of Defense approved procedures. Penn Data Networks can also provide documentation of this procedure once it has been completed.

Equipment Removal/Storage

Another way Penn Data Networks can assist with the logistics of deploying new computers is in the removal of the legacy equipment, either by shipping to a pre-arranged destination, (Leasers) or by providing secure storage facilities until you have an opportunity to dispose of the equipment in the manner of your choice.

Equipment Disposal/Recycling

Penn Data Networks can provide assistance with the final disposition of your computer equipment. Penn Data Networks works in conjunction with an industry-leading recycling company to provide no cost, and effective disposal of computer equipment.


Penn Data Networks can manage the logistics of relocating computer and other IT related office equipment from one location to another. Relocation tasks can include de-installation of equipment, packing and shipping to a specific location, and re-installation of equipment at the new location.

System Upgrades

When you purchase new components or peripherals to upgrade your Computer performance or capabilities, you may desire assistance with integrating the new components into your computers. Penn Data Networks can provide on-site service for professional installation of system upgrades.

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